About Property Legal Consultation

The property verification process mainly authenticates the property to be purchased. Legal verification and property legal consultation by CALL4LEGAL ensure the property remains free from disputes and disagreements. Property consultants are available in large numbers in Bengaluru and can assist you in all types of property legal opinion matters. However, engaging with reliable and reputed consultants is essential.

The qualified property consultants of CALL4LEGAL can help you with your investments by suggesting affordable economic prices. In addition, they guide you to invest in the best residential, commercial, and agricultural properties in and around Bengaluru. The experienced property legal advisor of CALL4LEGAL offers professional services while dealing with various property matters.

What Is Property Legal Verification/Consultation?

Legal documentation for property investment can be done at both national and international levels. The real estate property consultants of CALL4LEGAL participate in industrial forums, property promotional campaigns, and business summits. Our expert consultants are directly involved in buying and selling trends involved in the real estate business.

Our real estate property lawyers can handle every issue and deal with the increasing demand for properties, changing rules and government policies, and also face numerous challenges. The property advisory services can be made available according to the property lawyer's advice. We handle several legal matters relating to a property, like property valuation, property documentation, property verification, and property registration. Our services help you find the location and availability of the property based on feasibility studies.

The property lawyer consultation team helps to buy valid properties. We have the best property lawyers in Bangalore to assist you in investing in Bangalore by overcoming legal difficulties.

Why Do You Need Property Legal Verification?

Property legal verification is a mandatory process in Bangalore. Property advocates in Bangalore allow you to find the most suitable properties in the city. The properties involved in the transactions must be genuine and must be supported by legal documents.

Legal verification performed by our experts enhances the confidence level of people and allows them to get interested in the required property and the deal. Such property verification clears up the hidden loans and litigation on the property by offering complete clarity to the business.

The legal consultation by lawyers of CALL4LEGAL helps verify the property-related documents to prove the authenticity of the properties and the property owners.

You can also check the entry of the said property details in the gazette of the surveyor general’s office in Bangalore. Our experienced legal opinion lawyers in Bangalore city will help you get the exact location of the land/property.

Required documents for Property Legal Verification

  • Mother Deed & all the previous sale deed copies (GPA if any)
  • Pahani/RTC
  • RR & ILR
  • Encumbrance Certificate (EC)

Property Legal Consultation Verification Process

Property document verification process takes 2 - 3 working days. All provided documents will be verified and the required documents will be notified to get for the verification. Once all the required documents will be provided the final report will be provided regarding the property.

Here are the steps you should follow to check the validity of property documents:

  • The title documents should be verified and should be clear without any dispute.
  • A request for bank approval helps you evaluate the property document legally.
  • Ask for an Encumbrance Certificate (EC), which gives complete assurance against any financial liability, such as a loan or mortgage.
  • Get the approved plan of the actual site that offers details of the landscape features of the site plan for the proposed improvements.
  • Verify the property tax receipts provided by the owner of the property. It gives the insight to know whether the plot is regularized legally.
  • Check the sale deed. It is an authenticated legal document that offers complete details of the ownership of the property.
  • If the owner of the property is away, check for the Power of Attorney (POA) document. It is a legal document allowing an authorized person/agent to make deals on behalf of the owner.

Apart from that, documents required according to legal advice on property like partition deed, property mutation, Khata certificate, and freehold details also should be produced.

Frequently Asked Questions

The authorities can verify the document by checking its authenticity. The document can be tested for the hologram, watermarks, font sizes, stamps, and other security-related features. By doing so, you can spot any fake features or false information given in the documents.
Real estate lawyer consultation can help with document verification. It is the most common and mandatory procedure to check the validity of the information given. Also, it is useful in finding any fraud or scam.
To find out about the land title and its legality, you should refer to the register of deeds. It offers a certified copy of the land title.
You can verify the house documents by checking the documents used in the house loan application. It offers complete information about the title and details of home loan payments as per the property lawyer's advice.

The property legal services allow you to verify the documents such as the sale deed, encumbrance certificate, tax-paid receipt, power of attorney, and occupancy certificate. These documents will help you verify the site.

To find out more about how our officials verify property documents, feel free to talk to us. Our expert customer care support team will assist you in all forms and guide you to the right path.