Sale Deed Registration

We are the highly recommended associates assisting people towards a successful sales deed. If you are a newbie to a highly developed city like Bangaluru, buying or selling a property would be a daunting task. Seeking assistance from the professionals of Call4legal would be the wise and best option. Our experts will take care of all your hassles involved in either selling or buying a property in a busy city like Bangaluru.

A valid consideration must be needed while transferring ownership to the seller from the buyers. Our legal consultancy will help you in getting the necessary legal advice so that you never need to hassle while transferring ownership. You will get a quick, accurate, and reliable response for Sale Deed Registration.

What is sale deed registration?

It doesn’t matter whether you are about to buy or sell a property in Bangaluru, Registration of the deed of sale is a very important legal document. Sale Deed registration is a legally binding document that gives proof of ownership to the buyer.

Without the sale deed Registration, the sale process is incomplete. Under the Registration act 1908, Sale deed registration is a necessary document that gives valid consideration to the selling process.

In simpler terms, Sale deed registration is the bridge that connects seller and buyer, but in legal terms. Registration of deed of Sale contains all relevant and necessary information of both the parties - buyers and seller. Sale deed registration contains details of the property, payment details, rights, titles, and ownership of property.

For a property to be considered as sold from seller to buyer, a legal document such as a Sale deed registration is quite important. The sale of the property will be legal only when it is accompanied by Sale deed registration.

Required documents for sale deed drafting

  • Previous sale deed copy
  • Khata extract & Khata Certificate
  • Tax paid receipt
  • Aadhaar card of Seller/Vendor
  • Aadhaar card of Buyer/Purchaser

Stamp duty and other expenses

  BBMP/Corporation/Municipal BDA Property
Stamp Duty 5.1%(on total valuation) 5.15%(on total valuation)
Registration Fee 1%(on total valuation) 1%(on total valuation)
CESS 0.5%(on total valuation) 0.5%(on total valuation)

As per the new process the above fees has to be paid from the given link. click to generate challan.

Scanning fees will be different which will be generated once the registration process is completed.

Sale deed drafting process

  • Understanding property details and requirement: Our Lawyer will call and discuss this with you.
  • Our Lawyer will draft your sale deed after an initial discussion
  • We will send you the sale deed draft for proof reading.
  • After getting final confirmation, Sale Deed shall be printed on a non-judicial stamp paper of the value as prescribed by the state government.