Pahani or RTC

Pahani/RTC is a land record that contains the details relating to land such as owner’s details, measurement, survey number, etc. It is a cross-verification document which helps to know the genuineness of the owner while purchasing property. Pahani/RTC is available in the Taluk office. This is available by submitting the application to the Taluk office. New Pahani/RTC can be viewed at Bhoomi website.


Mutation is the process of recording the change/transfer in the title of ownership after the property has been transferred or sold. Once mutation is done, the same is recorded in the land revenue department, which eventually helps the authorities to fixate upon the tax liability.

Index of Land(IL)

It contains the details regarding the owners of the land/property and details about the land/property.

Records of Rights

Records of Rights(RR) contains the name of the land holder, the number and size of the plot area, and revenue rate (for agricultural land), it also contains the registered sale deed to prove that the property has been sold from one person to the other, and the taxes on the sale have been paid, along with it contains survey documents to record a property’s boundaries and area, and prove that the property is listed in government records etc.

Survey Documents

Before buying or selling a piece of land, a survey determines the exact boundaries of the land based on legal documents filed about the particular piece of property. The surveyor creates land survey documents during the process, which legally describe the property, covering everything from property lines to waterways. Being able to read these land survey documents ensures that as a buyer or seller, you know precisely what the property contains--reducing any chances of misunderstandings with other parties involved in a land transaction, or owners of neighboring property.

Land Conversion

The process of converting agricultural land to a non-agricultural as per the established procedure for building or other construction or vice versa is called a land conversion. So a land conversion certificate is a necessary document needed to procure before any real estate development for converting agricultural land to non-agricultural land.